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The 5-Step Strategy My Clients Use to Excel As Leaders, Even in Challenging Times

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What We’ll Cover:


A step-by-step game you can follow to show up as the strong, confident leader your team needs you to be right now...


How to build resilience and trust on your team, so people are committed and productive...


Steps you can take to manage conflict on any team, so people can solve problems together effectively...


What it takes to become great at delegating and creating accountability so you can focus on the strategic work that will get you ahead...


How to create a visible track record of success that will make you the obvious choice for the next promotion...


... And how to do all of this even if you feel completely uncertain and overwhelmed as a manager.

Alida Zweidler-McKay

Alida coaches busy professionals to create careers and lives they love. As a former researcher at Harvard Business School, with a Wharton MBA and experience leading change and coaching teams in Fortune 500 companies, she has a deep understanding of exactly what her clients need to do to get ahead in today’s fast-paced corporate environments.

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