The 5-Step Game Plan to Become the Best Leader in Your Company, Make Yourself Irreplaceable, and Put Yourself on the Fast-Track to Promotion…

(without working longer hours!)

FREE Workshop

In this FREE Class You Will Discover:


How to finally get recognized as one of the top managers in your organization (and enjoy the promotions, pay raises and prestige that go along with it)...


Why putting in longer hours or just "working harder" is NOT the answer, and what you can do instead to have a career you love without giving up your life...


The secret to building teams you can trust, that crush deadlines and deliver promotion-worthy results that top management can't ignore...


How to easily increase your influence and authority without coming across as pushy or hyper-competitive...


And how to do all of this even if you aren't naturally confident or outgoing and absolutely hate playing office politics!

Alida Zweidler-McKay

Alida has spent over 20 years coaching executives from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. With a Wharton MBA and research experience at Harvard Business School, she has a deep understanding of the challenges emerging leaders must overcome in order to get ahead. She helps her clients break through these challenges and put their careers on the fast track.

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