Job Satisfaction Assessment

Is your work life where you want it to be?  Let’s look at these core areas of employee engagement and satisfaction in your current company, to see where you fit in.  Rate your experience on each dimension on a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is highly satisfied and 1 is highly dissatisfied. Results and a guide for interpreting your responses will be emailed to you right away.

    Supportive Leadership

    You had the support of your boss and other mentors in the company who are looking out for your development


    You were in the loop where you needed to be, and information flowed easily and productively through the company


    You felt like you fit in the company culture, you were able to be your best self, and you were in sync with the people around you

    Rewards & Recognition

    Your efforts were recognized and rewarded in ways that felt meaningful to you

    Professional and personal growth

    You had opportunities to learn and grow, through interesting work and challenges that helped you stretch with just the right amount of stress

    Accountability and performance

    You were clear about what was expected of you, and those expectations fit with your experience


    You had the resources and training or support you needed to be successful


    You were excited about the company’s overall vision and direction, where things are headed


    You felt proud to work for your company, you like what it stands for and what it does in the world