This program will take you step-by-step through exactly what you need to take your leadership to the next level. 



Clear vision and goals:

  • We’ll revisit your personal vision of success and update it to relate it to your new role
  • You’ll learn how to leverage vision and purpose to clarify priorities and to motivate and engage others.


Executive presence and influence:

  • You’ll continue to practice all of the skills you learned for building your authentic, confident executive presence, and eliminating self-doubt and other thought patterns that may be getting in your way
  • You’ll learn new tools to help you communicate effectively, set expectations, give feedback and build influence in your new organization


Strong working relationships and a network of champions:

  • You’ll complete an assessment of your personal leadership style to identify your strengths and strategies for leveraging (and flexing) them in your work with others
  • We’ll cover strategies for dealing with conflict so you can help any team use their differences (of opinions, ideas, perspectives) as resources for problem-solving.
  • We’ll leverage what you learned in Career Clarity and Confidence about networking to build networks from your new role


A focus on results and visibility for your efforts:

  • You’ll develop a plan for creating visibility around results, both for yourself and your team, so that your efforts gain the recognition they deserve
  • We’ll cover strategies for creating a performance-based culture to support continuous improvement


Wisdom and strategies:

  • We’ll delve even deeper into the kinds of group dynamics that show up in all organizations, particularly around authority and autonomy, and cover strategies you can use to navigate and manage these dynamics


The program takes place over 6 months and includes:


Bi-weekly coaching calls focused on developing your leadership skills and identity.


A personal styles assessment to help you better understand your own work style and preferences, and how to leverage strengths when working with others.


Three milestone one-on-one calls where we’ll focus on your specific development plans.


Lifetime access to comprehensive training on the core skills you need to be successful as a leader in any organization.


Unlimited email support to answer any questions or issues that arise between coaching calls, with additional one-on-one “check-in” calls, as needed, to help you reach your goals

The Investment

Graduates of the Career Clarity and Confidence program enjoy a discounted rate of just $4000. This is 20% off the lowest rate offered to anyone else, and 60% off the full price of the program.

Want to talk it over? We can discuss whether this program is right for you in our final one-on-one, or feel free to book a check-in call here:

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