What my clients say about me - ZM Coach, Alida Zweidler-McKay

The best part of my work is watching clients experience the level of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT they’ve always longed for, but couldn’t reach on their own.

The best part of my work is watching clients experience the level of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT they’ve always longed for, but couldn’t reach on their own.

See what clients are saying about our work together… 


“I connected with Alida while I was in the middle of a career move, in which I needed to show up as a leader, and I was starting to lose enthusiasm for the search. I was half way through a marathon, as she put it, and a coach could help me with a strong push to the finish line. Working with Alida enabled me to reframe my mindset and to clearly articulate an authentic vision of what I wanted in my career, which enabled me to find the next opportunity to get me there. Alida got me over the finish line and it feels great!”

  • Christine C

Thank you for coaching me, believing in me, and showing me the path to becoming an authentic and confident leader. Not only have I secured a job doing what I love, (one that came with a promotion and a raise,) I also have more leadership opportunities than ever before.

I have worked with other coaches in the past. However, working with you was a remarkable experience! You have incredible insights and resources, and an almost magical ability to help people understand how to perform in a better way and just plain “BE better”. You provided insights and helped me identify some behaviors to change, and showed me how to achieve my goals – to have better relationships, to be accepted and respected, which led to more achievements and opportunities. Now I am happily and efficiently achieving more than I ever dreamed possible. For that, I will be forever grateful!

  • Debbie

In working with Alida, I’ve grown as a leader. I have more confidence in my ability to navigate change, and to step back and look at a situation in a more structured way. That has contributed tremendously to my overall well-being and happiness – not just at work, but as a person.

  • Principal
  • Technology Consulting Firm

I was in the midst of having to make major changes to my organization and it was so helpful to have Alida’s support through that. She gave me the confidence to have difficult conversations and make difficult decisions.

  • Senior Executive
  • Leading Healthcare Organization

Thinking about where I am today, vs. where I was when we started working together – it’s night and day. I doubted that I would ever be as confident at work, or productive or focused ever again – just because of where I was and how shaken I was [from the bad experience I had at my prior job]. But it’s happening, and I couldn’t have done it without Alida’s support.

  • Advertising Manager
  • Technology Company

Working with Alida is probably the best on-the-spot decision I’ve made. Honestly, it has transformed my life.

It was my first time being a manager and I just felt stuck. I needed more skills and more tools to really be comfortable in my role… I was just being a boss, but I really wanted to be a leader…With Alida’s support, I came away with lessons learned and tools that I can continue using for as long as I work.

  • Sonia Moin
  • Director, Urban Business Initiatives, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

The observations, tools and knowledge I’ve gained through your training have gone a long way toward helping me optimize my capabilities to be an effective leader. The by-product of all of that has been a real growth in confidence. I have a much greater sense of the validity of my own perspective among my peers, and the comfort level to present it. Having the right tools, and someone like you who’s asking the right questions and guiding me in the right direction, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned and grown in just a few months. It’s really been phenomenal.

  • Miriam Gitelman
  • Chef and Owner, COCO JOLIE

You created such a sacred safe space. I can’t tell you how liberating and transformative the experience has been. Inside me there’s this grounded presence now.

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Biotech Company

Alida is one of the most impressive consultants I’ve worked with…She is also personally someone I look to for coaching and support. I have grown so much by listening to her, observing her and taking action with her direction in mind.

  • Angela Sebaly
  • CEO, Personify Leadership

I’ve seen dramatic changes in our team. It’s been a pleasure to go to the meetings. I feel like we’ve moved forward and made decisions and are holding each other accountable now, too.

  • Manager, Planning & Controls
  • Global Chemical Company

Alida is an amazingly skilled “shadow consultant” to me. Two things stand out about her talents: first, her skillful, crisp questions help me unpack a sticky situation in 10 minutes’ time. And the scores of models and activities she can immediately draw on bring solid theory and fresh ideas when I am creating new workshops and off-sites. She is one of the most talented coaches and consultants I know.

  • Cheryl Lower
  • Principal, Fulcra

Alida created a safe and productive environment for me to learn, grow and plan. She provided a useful structure to find the strengths that I should leverage and areas for improvement. She was encouraging and respectful of my thoughts and ideas. She is a clear and articulate presenter. And a strong facilitator.

  • Samantha Rabinowicz
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

Alida was an incredible resource for us as we developed a brand-new coaching protocol, trained 25 instructional coaches, then supported the coaches in their growth throughout the first year of our project. She brought a wealth of coaching experience and know-how to our project, but she always made sure that her advice and support was relevant to our specific context and needs. She is a great listener, and she always helped us to find solutions that would work for our project.

  • Claire Gogolen
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

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