Client Case Studies —
a few examples of client successes:

COACHING CASE STUDY: Reclaiming Her Spark

When beginning her career 12 years ago, Betty* pictured herself working hard, performing well, & growing with her company. Despite her dedication & high performance, she was not promoted.

So, Betty moved up by moving on. Even though she had a higher title and a larger salary, Betty saw this as a black mark on her resume. She felt she failed because she was not internally promoted.

When Betty saw this pattern playing out at her next company, she decided she needed help. She wanted to figure out how to be seen as a confident & assertive leader. So, she sought out the support of a coach.

COACHING CASE STUDY: From Frustrated to Ready to Take on What Lies Ahead

James* felt like his position was no longer a good fit for him. He had worked his way up to become a director and was performing well. However, he was feeling frustrated.

He had a new supervisor who micromanaged. After years of working for people who trusted him to do good work, the treatment from his new boss was irritating.

He was also frustrated by frequent questions from his team. People saw him as the “go to” person for quick, accurate answers. While he enjoyed being a resource, the constant interruptions made it difficult to focus on what he needed to get done.

COACHING CASE STUDY: From “Really Unhappy” to Thriving – Without a Job Change

In December of 2020, John* started a new job as a senior program manager at a large aerospace company.

It was a really tough transition, moving from a smaller team of just 30 people to a company of many thousands. The team he managed included highly skilled engineers. With a background in business, he felt like an outsider among such a technical team. It was difficult to gain their respect. John also faced challenges from his colleagues, the other program managers.

COACHING CASE STUDY: The Importance of Finding the Right Environment

With almost 20 years of experience in his industry, Paul* was promoted to a Director level position in the fall of 2021. His new supervisor suggested that he work with Alida as he stepped into his new role. Right away, Paul jumped into learning new skills to make him a more effective leader. With guidance from Alida, he began to look at his own leadership style and strengths and discovered some unique things about himself.

COACHING CASE STUDY: Growing into Her Full Potential

With over 16 years of experience at her organization, Patricia* had worked her way up and was promoted to be the director of her department. As she started in her new position, she was excited about her new responsibilities and the impact her team could have on the organization as a whole. With this promotion, she now reported directly to the head of her organization. She soon learned this leader was focused on other aspects of the organization.

COACHING CASE STUDY: From Barely Surviving to Thriving

With over 15 years of experience, Colleen* had worked her way up to become a Director of Operations at a large manufacturing site. She was responsible for a team of 200 with 5 direct reports. A year and a half into her new role, the company began making changes that made Colleen anxious about her future.

COACHING CASE STUDY: Finally Doing Work She Was Meant to Do

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, Lisa* was recruited for a new role that initially seemed like a great opportunity. But, after she accepted the new job and got started, she began to realize the role was not what she expected. For over a year, she tried to make things work.

COACHING CASE STUDY: Fearlessly Stepping into a New Role

David* was enjoying his role as the Director of Research at a company that created materials to promote sustainable living. When his company was acquired, David thought he was in a good position. His team was functioning well and producing quality results. However, when the merger was complete, the new company quickly reorganized, replacing David and his team with their people. Without much warning, David was out of work.

COACHING CASE STUDY: Figuring Out What’s Next

Chris, a Ph.D. in neuroscience had finally reached his goal of academic tenure. After celebrating this milestone, he faced the question, What’s next? He saw a lot of different possibilities in front of him but was not sure where he wanted to focus his energy.

COACHING CASE STUDY: Overcoming a Blind Spot

Louis, a supply chain professional, was an expert in his field. But, he had yet to find a role where he could really shine. Like many people with specific expertise, he had numerous opportunities in front of him but was struggling to find a role where he could leverage his skills while also continuing to grow. When he met Alida, he knew he wanted to take his career to the next level – but he wasn’t sure how.

COACHING CASE STUDY: How Gaining Clarity Brought New Opportunities

Jonathan had just started a contract position where he had hoped to be hired on permanently. He was looking for a coach who could help him navigate his new role with that goal in mind while also getting clear about his overall career direction. As someone with extensive military experience, he knew the value of working with a coach.

*Pseudonym – Some clients prefer to share their stories anonymously.