COACHING CASE STUDY: Overcoming a Blind Spot

Louis, a supply chain professional, was an expert in his field. But, he had yet to find a role where he could really shine. Like many people with specific expertise, he had numerous opportunities in front of him but was struggling to find a role where he could leverage his skills while also continuing to grow. When he met Alida, he knew he wanted to take his career to the next level – but he wasn’t sure how.

I was facing the question, ‘Do I jump to the next big, shiny thing or do I stick with what I have now?’

Louis decided he needed help analyzing his options and strategizing his approach. He worked with Alida to get clear about what he wanted, and what would make a good fit for him, professionally.

In addition to wanting a clear direction, Louis also felt he was missing a key insight that could help him be successful. In their work together, Louis and Alida met regularly in one-on-one and group coaching calls to discuss the specific issues he was facing. Through these conversations, they were able to pinpoint the “something” that had been holding Louis back.

Coming into coaching, I felt like I had this huge blind spot, and I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. While working with Alida, I was able to figure it out. It was how I communicated things. With Alida’s support, I practiced using new strategies to improve my conversations. I feel like this has really changed my life.

Through his coaching experience, Louis gained new tools that profoundly impact the work he does. He is now able to use conversations to create positive working relationships with clients and co-workers. He successfully navigates difficult conversations that are an inevitable part of organizational life. With these fundamentals now firmly in place, there’s no limit to where Louis can go in his career.

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