COACHING CASE STUDY: Started a Job Search for the Sake of Her Health – Landed a Role Where She is Thriving

Ludmyrna had worked her way up in the public sector. She was the Administrative & Financial Services Manager for a county’s government offices. She had a lot on her shoulders and the office was strapped for resources. They were understaffed. Ludmyrna had not taken a vacation in 5 years. There was no backup available – no one who could take care of the work that needed to be done in her absence. The stress was starting to impact her health.

I’m asthmatic and I was really sick all the time. None of the medicines I tried made a difference.

With two kids aged 11 and 13, she wanted more balance in her life. She wanted to be available to help them with their school projects, attend afterschool activities, and volunteer at their school every once in a while. She was also ready to take on more leadership, to be more challenged intellectually, and to work within a department that could provide the resources she needed. She started applying for leadership roles in her sector.

I knew my resume was strong and I was very good at responding to the supplemental questions that are always asked in my industry. I was getting interviews. I knew I had the experience needed to be successful in the roles I applied to. But none of those interviews resulted in an offer.

She spent two years applying to jobs and did not get one offer.

The application processes were very lengthy. Some had up to eight supplemental questions. All the time I spent on those applications took time away from my family. It was so frustrating that I was putting all this time and effort into the applications, sacrificing time with my family, and I wasn’t getting to where I needed to be.

She finally decided it was time to get help.

That’s when I decided I needed to go all in and invest in myself. I knew I had to change something. I needed coaching to help me prepare for those interviews and land a new role. I was ready to achieve what I wanted for my life. I wanted a job where I could fully utilize my skill set, my experience, my leadership abilities. I was ready to be in a role where I was respected for what I contributed to the organization. I was also ready to be a part of an organization that could get the resources needed to run a really strong operation.

Ludmyrna reached out to a few executive coaches and was immediately drawn to Alida’s style.

At this point, I was feeling really bad about what was not working in my job, in my job search, and how that was impacting my family. Alida met me right where I was. She listened to everything I had going on and immediately started focusing on my strengths in the situation. I liked how Alida guided me to think about how I can use my strengths to catapult me into my next position. In my initial call, I had a visceral sense that she was someone I could work with.

Ludmyrna and Alida got right to work preparing for the interviews she had coming up. They looked at what each position required. Ludmyrna practiced telling stories about her past achievements that showed she was ready to take on the responsibilities of the specific c-suite positions she applied to. She also processed the frustration she was feeling around not getting a new role in the past two years. By doing this work, Ludmyrna was able to show up to each new interview with energy, without the weight of past “no”s getting in her way.

Alida was very helpful as I prepared for my interviews. She helped me stay positive by showing me the importance of celebrating my wins as I continued through the grueling interview process. She also taught me strategies to deal with the inevitable nervousness that came up for me before each interview.

Throughout her job search, Alida was available to provide feedback and insight as Ludmyrna made application decisions and prepared for interviews.

Alida was always available for me when I needed her. She carefully listened to the situation and then quickly had an assessment. She was then able to help me plan out a strategy to implement. I never thought that I was going around in unproductive circles when I worked with her. There was value added every time I talked with her.

Within 8 weeks Ludmyrna landed a new role as a Chief Financial Officer.

I started my job search out of necessity – I needed a new job for the sake of my health. And with Alida’s coaching, I was able land a role that has everything I want.

I just brought on a new Manager so I now have someone I can rely on. She’s able to cover things while I am out. I am taking two weeks off around Christmas this year! And I am more available for my kids.

While the work/life balance is what’s most important to me, I am also enjoying the compensation increase that came with my new job.

As soon as I quit my old job, my asthma went away – so that confirmed all the stress that was making me sick.

This new role has opened up so many new areas for me. It’s a challenge intellectually. I am learning so much and rounding out my portfolio. As I look ahead to the future, I can see myself building on this experience and eventually becoming a CEO.

With Ludmyrna’s newfound confidence and skills, we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!


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