I came from a long sabbatical after decades of work that burned me out. Issues of discrimination and toxic work environment from my previous employer had dimmed the passion I had for work and I felt lost and stuck. The time off allowed me to rest and recuperate but when I was ready to get back in the game, I did not know how to connect to the fire that ignites me. The sessions with Alida allowed me to rediscover the inner flame inside me that had been dimmed. It was far more effective than the 9-month sessions I had with a therapist.

Before seeing Alida, I was half-hearted and unsure of myself when I stepped into interviews. Working with Alida I was able to rediscover who I was and fully stand into my being – whole and complete. So when the right company and interview came, I showed up wholeheartedly and fully alive. Now I am able to bring that into my new role and work and I am very grateful for what has led me here.