I was feeling stuck and alone when I happened on Alida’s newsletter on social media. My work was a chaos machine and I was in a constant state of overwhelm. The pandemic was part of it – but I’d been feeling this way long before Covid. Reading her words and listening to her presentation gave me a sliver of hope that I might find a way out of the corner I felt backed into. In our introductory call, Alida really listened to me – she was able to connect the dots between where I was and where I wanted to be in my leadership and offered me a method, tools, and research-backed strategies for getting there.

Not only did I find a partner in Alida, but I gained a network in the group sessions and Engaging Leadership Momentum group. In my work with Alida, I discovered that I am an engaging leader – I have everything I need. I just needed a partner and practice. My work is still a chaos machine, and I still get overwhelmed at times. But, Alida’s support helped me reignite a sense of self-confidence that helps me weather the challenges. She equipped me with a set of tools to help me ask good questions and show up for my team. Above all, she reminded me to make sure to leave time to celebrate each success, no matter how small it may seem.