This week we’re tackling the issue of regret, based on Daniel Pink’s new book The Power of Regret. Pink has identified 4 core types of regrets that people experience in their lives. We’re looking each of these types of regret, and how they can hold you back in your career.

Boldness Regrets

According to Pink, Boldness Regrets are the regrets we have for risks not taken. So many clients I’ve worked with over the years have come to me because of boldness regrets. Over their careers, they’ve had a pattern of holding themselves back. Sometimes they’re naturally shy. Other times they’ve had issues with self-confidence.

Other times they simply don’t have a model of what it could look like for them to be leaders, because it doesn’t fit the stereotype. In our culture “leadership” is portrayed as outgoing, even aggressive. For someone who isn’t naturally that way, it can be challenging to step into a version of leadership that feels authentic.

Whatever the reason, the regret is that they haven’t taken the kind of risks that would move them forward in their careers.

With these clients, we start with building their unique identity as a leader – defining the version that works with their strengths and style. We then identify the moves they could make to take their career forward. When they feel intimidated or anxious about making those bold moves, we break them down into smaller steps. Before long, they are moving easily into new territory, and feeling great about the bold moves they’ve made, and the success they’ve experienced as a result.

If there’s anything keeping you from taking the bold action that will take your career forward, we’d like to help you with that, so you can step into your future and claim what’s possible without holding back. You can book that call at

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